September 20, 2017

Fast Dumpster Rental in Phoenix

Our goal is to simplify your roll off rental. We know that questions always arise during the rental process, and that is why we make the extra effort to answer them and make you feel at ease. At Phoenix dumpster rental HQ, we maintain an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and support. Because of our dedication to our customers, we make sure that you are completely happy from beginning to end.

Competitive Prices

We are honest and open about costs when it comes to dumpster rental pricing. When you call, we are straight to the point and give you a flat rate. If you live in Phoenix and are looking at renting a dumpster, just call us up and we will tell you what it will cost. Included in our prices are delivery, pick-up and any additional fees which we will let you know about right away.

dumpster rental phoenix hq

Trustworthy Services

We provide timely delivery and pick-up of our containers. We have a superior reputation for timely deliveries, and are notorious for excellent customer service. We make sure to respect your property, which is why we make an effort to make sure we don’t damage your property. You can have the peace of mind to know that the bin you rent will be dropped off and picked-up in the area you have designated for drop off.

Why Rent From Us?

There are many reasons why people rent a trash bin. They are used for all types of remodeling and renovation projects for homes, basements, bathrooms and many more other reasons. Some people even need to rent a dumpster because they are tearing down a shed, deck or even a house! If you have decided that you need one, contact us today and we will further help you with the questions you have to find the perfect size. We will also help you narrow down the amount of time you will need your bin as well as figure out what materials you will be using it for. 

Get a same day or next day deliveries when you order from us if possible that day. We are locally owned and deliver at speedy rates and best competitive prices. Here are a few reasons why you should rent with us:

  1. ASAP Delivery/Pickup
  2. Locally and Family Owned
  3. Servicing All of Phoenix Metro
  4. Commercial and Residential Roll Offs

Local Roll Off Hauler

Choosing to rent directly from local haulers will drastically reduce you overall costs when renting. Big national brands like Waste Management, charge a lot more because they have more overhead expenses. Another reason they can charge so much is because they are well known and they get customers who don’t do the research and just buy from them not knowing they are paying hundreds of dollars more! Renting from a local hauler is also a good choice for these reasons:

  1. Excellent customer service and satisfaction
  2. Low and competitive prices
  3. Timely delivery and pick up

Local companies depend on word of mouth advertising, and having a great reputation in the community. This is why you will get excellent customer service and a job well done, especially from our services. Local hauler prices are also lower because they are closer to you, meaning that they spend less money on gas, and less time for the labor. In addition to these great advantages of renting from a local dumpster company, some even have discounts for veterans or seasonal specials – all you have to do is ask.

Some Rental Tips

Before you call, it is helpful to know these factors:

  • Location where the roll off container should be placed, like the address of the drop off
  • Type of materials and approximate amount to be thrown in the bin
  • How long you think you will need it

Location is important because this is where we will be dropping your box. Make sure you have enough room so that, if you don’t have a big driveway, it won’t take your car parking spots or block the entrance to your garage (if that’s important). You also might not like the bin sitting directly outside your windows because that is not the best scenery. Careful considerations like these can save you from dead grass, driveway scratches and unpleasant scenery for you and your neighbors when you chose our services. Another good resource to find great hauler companies is to visit the Better Business Bureau website or the Phoenix city page.

We can also further help you if you know what materials and how much of those materials you will be throwing into the bin. By knowing this, we can target what specific size will be right for you and your project. Sometimes refilling a smaller container is cheaper than renting a size to large; it can be vice versa, but it depends on the company. The good news is that our service representatives help you decide on the best options to help you save money instead of spending more money than needed.